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Training & Education Supervisor

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



  • 1. Develop and deliver effective training programs for employees at all levels
  • Conduct needs assessments to identify training needs for each department
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive training plan that aligns with company objectives
  • Deliver training programs using a variety of methods, including classroom training, e-learning, on-the-job training, and coaching
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs
  • Develop and maintain training records and reports
  • 2. Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
  • Stay up to date with all regulations and standards related to training in the construction industry
  • Ensure all training programs are compliant with relevant regulations and standards
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date training records
  • 3. Manage the training team and budget, policy and procedure effectively
  • Manage the training team, including trainers and administrative staff
  • Develop and manage the training budget
  • Ensure cost-effective delivery of training programs
  • Develop and implement training policies and procedures
  • Develop and implement strategies for measuring the impact of training on the business
  • 4. Collaborate with department managers to identify training needs and develop programs
  • Build strong relationships with department managers to understand their training needs
  • Develop and implement a process for identifying and prioritizing training needs
  • Collaborate with department managers to develop and deliver training programs that meet their specific needs
  • 5. Continuously improve the training function
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in training and development
  • Solicit feedback from employees and department managers about training programs and make improvements
  • Develop and maintain metrics to measure the effectiveness of the training function and make improvements


  • Bachelor's degree in a related field
  • 5+ years of experience in training and development
  • Experience in the construction industry is preferred
  • Strong leadership skills, with the ability to motivate and develop team members.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to think strategically
  • Familiarity with industry regulations and standards
  • Strategic thinking
  • Structured working and result oriented approach





With offices in four different countries you will find people from different backgrounds, who value the opportunity to learn from each other.



Chances are you already heard or even been in buildings that gbc engineer co-planned. Stuttgart 21, Four Frankfurt or JMO2 EU Commission building just to name a few.



You may start your career at gbc engineers as intern in Berlin and at one point find yourself as project manager in Ho Chi Minh City.



Language courses, management training and internal BIM workshops. gbc engineers belongs to the most modern structural planning offices in Germany and we work hard to keep it that way by offering various training opportunities to our staff.

Additional benefits for this position

  • Competitive salary and quarterly KPI bonus
  • Review raising salary 2 times in 1 year
  • On-site training and coaching
  • External training in leadership, language, software training
  • Working in a young, dynamic and friendly environment with supportive individuals
  • Develop your knowledge and skills in an international working environment for your future career path
  • Compulsory insurance: Social insurance – Health – Unemployment according to Labor Law
  • Additional union benefits (birthday bonus, holiday bonus, wedding bonus, birth bonus)
  • Receive seniority bonus after 3 years and after 5 years up to 25 million
  • Get additional medical care (accident and health care insurance)
  • Attend company events (football, badminton, swimming, music classes, etc.)
  • Enjoy fruit and snacks at work (e.g. fruit day)
  • Special awards for outstanding performance (employee of the quarter, employee of the year, etc.)
  • Enjoy fully covered team building trips with the company
  • Annual leave 14 - 18 days with full salary (14 days of annual leave and 18 days of annual leave after 5 years)
  • Enjoy 1 extra day of birthday leave.

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gbc engineers is an owner-operated, multi-disciplinary German engineering firm present in Europe and Asia.


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"We have not just reached our goals, but we have exceeded them. This result is thanks to the hard work everyone has put in individually."

Adrian Grabara
Co-Founder and Managing Director
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"Hiring the right people and developing them is our most important task. They make all the difference in the end."

Daniel Bacon
Co-Founder and Managing Director
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"In case of doubt, project managers were always available to support, and questions never went unanswered."

Katharina P.
Structural engineering intern

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"At gbc engineers, the optimized planning process has highest priority. Our precious time can therefore be utilized much more efficiently."

Benny Hillers
Branch manager Berlin

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"All colleagues are super nice. I was welcomed very openly and the working atmosphere was always relaxed but still professional."

Johannes Winter
Project manager
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"What I like the most about the company is our approach to project management and implementation procedures. We get our job done in the most efficient way."

Sang Bui
BIM Team Leader

This is what we do

gbc engineers implements almost all projects with the BIM design method. This ensures that all the project information is in one place, providing better collaboration and communication between all design parties, enhanced cost control, project visualization and improved clash detection.